Investment Thesis

Leipzig - Economic growth and its university surroundings made "Hypezig" Germany's most dynamic city. The Wohnen Immobilien Group was able to position in 2010-2014, after tax-saving schemes imploded and led to a melt-down of the real estate market. The attractive outskirts, especially the southern so-called "Neu-Seen-Landschaft", offer further opportunities.


Dresden - As a cultural stronghold and business location with a focus on high tech, the real estate market was the first to recover after the correction in the late 90s. Drawing from the strength of Dresden, the surrounding area includes several towns such as Radeberg, Pirna or Meissen, with cultural and economic stability, These are another focus of the Wohnen Immobilien Group.


Plauen - In the 90s the city lost parts of the manufacturing base and 25% of its population. The signs of a trend reversal are increasing, and the city is also positioning itself as a university location. The trough has not been overcome yet, but properties at depressed prices and an intact  tenant base offer good returns and a 'free' option for an upward correction.


Görlitz - The intact business and university location impresses with the preserved pre-war architecture, which has convinced Hollywood to shoot films on site. The city seems bigger than the population suggests, and therefore we believe it still has a long way to go to return to its former glory. However, we have positioned ourselves early in anticipation of its recovery.


Freiberg and Mittweida - The two small towns in the Chemnitz area show impressive economic activity also driven by the interaction between businesses and the local university landscape. Real estate is still under the radar of international investors and thus combines fair purchase prices with robust rent levels, an opportunity for the Wohnen Immobilien Group.

Case study – Portfolio investment in Pirna near Dresden (2023)

Multifamily home in up and coming location

Case study – Portfolio investment in Freiberg downtown (2018)

Multifamily home in Freiberg. Fully rented - Strong net return

Case study – Speculative restoration project near Dresden (2017)

Freital – Multifamily Home with terraces


2017-2018: Full restoration