Real Estate Investing & Turnaround Management

Are local markets at fair value, why not and for how long?

Key: Location, Timing & Sustainable Management until Exit.

The Wohnen Group (German for "Residence") is specialized in residential real estate investments in Germany by identifying and taking advantage of temporary market disruptions. What started out during the 2004 condo crisis in Berlin since evolved into the Wohnen Group holding more than 350 properties across its regional setup.
Low interest rates and high prices somewhat kept us on the sidelines leading up to 2022. However, the political crisis in Germany, a crashing construction and energy sector paired with exploding demand for move-in-ready residential offers are the perfect growth environment for our strategic portfolio expansion.

Since 2023, global asset managers and advisors seem to consider the German real estate to be an uninvestable asset class, therefore following procyclical patterns of risk/reward and likely missing out on the opportunity. Feel free to contact us to learn more about joining us through various possible investment structures.