North Rhine-Westfalia

Investment Thesis

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) with more than 17.9 mn inhabitants, is the most populous state of Germany. The Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area, in the heart of the European 'Blue Banana' is the largest urban area in Germany and the third-largest in Europe. The state has always been Germany's powerhouse with the largest economy among the German states by GDP figures.


Current focus of Wohnen Nordwest GmbH is Duisburg, a city in the Ruhr metropolitan area of NRW. Lying on the confluence of the Rhine and the Ruhr rivers, Duisburg historically was a member in the Hanseatic League and later became a major centre of iron, steel, and chemicals industries. Today it boasts the world's largest inland port which most recently was connected to China's new silk road.


Post-WWII Duisburg experienced a high influx of immigrants which in part makes the city a hard-to-navigate real estate market. The south benefits from its vicinity to Duesseldorf, the north in contrast is know for 'no-go zones'. Inbetween inside investors such as ourselves can identify neighborhoods with healthy demographics and strong potential in line with Duisburg's overall positive momentum.

Case study – Portfolio Investement (2024)

Oberhausen - City Center

Luxury pre-war multifamily home

Outright portfolio deal



Case study – Portfolio Investement (2022)

Duisburg - City

Purchase Multifamily Home (50% refurbished)

100% completion incl. fassade, balconies etc.

Case study – Portfolio Investment (2020)

Duisburg - Dellviertel

Luxury pre-war multifamily home

Outright portfolio deal