Our Approach.

Görlitz is home to a few corporations and universities and most importantly, as the only large German city without severe damage from World War II, is well known for its architecture also used for blockbuster movies such as The Budapest Hotel or Inglorious Bastards to name a few. After the war, part of the city was turned over to Poland, the larger historic part remained German.

Interestingly, the city appears much larger than the current population levels would require and it seems Görlitz yet has a long way to go to rebuild its economic backbone and its population base. Fussbahn Immobiien took advantage of a few special situations (s. below), however, further investments would continue to fall under the category “Medium” to “Speculative Risk”.

Case study – Speculative Investment (2014)

Görlitz, Heilige-Grab-Strasse – 2 bedroom

Refurbished and rented out at 12.5% annual return*
Appraisal (3 years after purchase) at15 x net rent:~ 80% profit

* Annual net rent / Purchase price