Our Approach.

As cultural and touristic as well as economic hub with a strong focus on high tech (“Saxony Valley”), Dresden's real estate market was one of the first ones in East Germany to recover from the late 90s collapse following the initial hype around the German reunion. Combined with a healthy population growth, Dresden is a well developed market for “Low Risk Properties” at average 5% annual return.

Interestingly, Dresden, in particular along the Elbe, is surrounded by many sizable, economically well positioned and to some extent culturally rich townships. Dresden's population growth has for long spilled over to these outskirts, however the real estate markets with zip codes outside Dresden are yet comparably underdeveloped and offer good upside, therefore “Medium Risk” Investments.

Case study – Low risk Investment (2017)

Dresden, Guts-Muths-Strasse – 1 bedroom incl. Garage

Net rental income / Purchase Price = 6.1%*

Case study – Medium Risk Investment (2016)

Freital, Wilsdruffer Strasse – 3 large 3 bedroom units

with 2 balconies each

2017: Full restoration incl. Facade and apartment renovations
After completion, annual return of 8% and possible sales profit around 20%

* Annual net rent / Purchase price