About us.

Successful track record of more than 13 years.

Fussbahn Immobilien started in 2004 and since incorporation as German LLC (GmbH) in 2016 has re-focussed its activites on the German State of Saxony. As per year end 2018, mostly in arbitraging local market disruptions, the company has successfully executed on more than 100 property transactions across the region.

The insurance industry is suggesting private individuals to arrange for additional retirement funds outside conventional corporate and public pension schemes. However, stock and bond markets are on record levels implying high downside risk and major real estate markets are mostly controlled and driven up by international investors.


With its institutionalized setup, long-standing expertise and regional network, Fussbahn Immobilien is an interesting option for private individuals to invest into a sustainable niche market. Upon invitation the fund offers investments in the form of profit sharing loans or so called mezzanine capital tightly regulated by German law.


As an established real estate holding, Fussbahn Immobilien seeks to diversify fresh funds by allocating at least 50% to "Low risk" properties, i.e. fully developed markets, while continuing its original proposition to exploit market disruptions and special situations with „Medium Risk“ (max 30%) and „Speculative“ (max 20%) Investments.